Wind Direction. The Present and Future of Wind Power in Ukraine

According to the statistics, the total installed capacity of Ukrainian wind power plants (WPP) increased to 553 MW in 2018. The wind energy industry’s growth dynamics in Ukraine is not the same as solar industry’s, nevertheless, it has a high potential both for development and investment. Actually, in 2018, more than 100 MW of wind power plants were built in Ukraine. In 2019, construction of WPPs is expected to double.

It is worth to mention that WPPs’ capacity factor is 40-43%, while solar power plants’ (SPP) makes up only 11-13%.

By 2018, Ukraine’s wind farms, with 395 MW of working capacity, generated 1.181 billion kWh, and their share in the country’s total power generation reached 0.75%. For example, with almost four times larger installed capacity (1388 MW), SPPs generated only 1.101 billion kWh of electricity.

The Near Future

According to the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, most of the wind energy projects (with a total capacity of 893 MW) are under construction, including the 250-MW project of Syvashska wind farm. Most of them are planned to be implemented by end of 2020.

Andrei Konenenkov, the Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, said that the total power of wind energy projects at the stage of development was 3330 MW at the end of 2018. Almost all of them had been registered on the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s web site, which designated the investment process’ start. In fact, most of them were projects of distributed electricity generation, that is, small wind power plants (up to 60 MW).

WPPs in Ukraine under construction (as of the 31st of December, 2018)

WPP Name Operating Company Installed Capacity, MW Number and type of wind turbines
Mykolaiv Region      
Prychornomorskyi Windpark Wind Parks of Ukraine MC, LLC 10,1 2×3,3 MW WTU3,3

1х3,5 MW WTU3,5

Ochakivskyi Windpark Wind Parks of Ukraine MC, LLC 18,5 1 х 4,5 MW WTU4,5
Pivennyi  Windpark Wind Parks of Ukraine MC, LLC 7 2 х 3,5 MW WTU3,5
Donetsk Region      
Atomwind – Kramatorsk Wind Parks of Ukraine MC, LLC 13,5 3×45 MW WTU4,5
Zaporizhzhia Region      
Orlovska WPP Orlovska WPP, LLC (DTEK Renewables) 100 26 х 3,8 MW VESTAS 3,8-V126
Prymorska WPP Prymorska WPP, LLC (DTEK Renewables) 100 26 х 3,8 MW GЕ 3,8-130
Prymorska WPP-2 Prymorska WPP-2, LLC (DTEK Renewables) 100 26 х 3,8 MW GE 3,8-137
Kherson Region      
Overianivska WPP Windkraft Ukraine, LLC 69,35 1 9 х 3,65 MW VESTAS V136
Novotroitska WPP Windkraft Tavriia, LLC 29,2 8 х 3,65 MW VESTAS V126
Myrnenska WPP Windkraft Kalanchak, LLC 163 39 х 4,2 MW VESTAS V150
Syvaska WPP Syvashenerhoprom, LLC 249,6 64 wind power installations N131 -3,9
Odesa Region      
Ovid Wind WPP  Guris Holding Со. Inc. 32,4 9 х 3,6 MW GE 3,6-131
Ternopil Region      
Zborivska WPP-2 Zborivska poultry farm, LLC 0,66 1 х 0,66 MW VESTAS V47

Source: Ukrainian Wind Energy Association

By the way, the construction of the new WPPs is running to plan.

As part of the first stage’s construction of Syvaska WPP, Nordex is going to supply wind turbines with a total capacity of 133 MW to Ukraine. The construction is to be completed in 2020, and the project will become the largest wind power plant in Ukraine.

Several days ago, on the 3rd of June, DTEK Renewables announced in its social networks about the first wind turbine installation on Prymorska WPP-2. The wind plant’s construction is to be completed this autumn.


To recap, first wind turbines of Prymorska WPP were put into operation end of February, 2019. The wind energy facility is going to generate 650-700 mln kWh of electricity per year, which is enough to meet the needs of 350,000 Ukrainian households. This will allow reducing carbon emissions by 700,000 tons annually.


Are Wind Power Projects Attractive for Investors?

It is evident that Ukraine’s wind power projects do not develop as fast as solar power do.

First reason is that they require more thorough and longtime preparations.

Second, against the backdrop of higher tariffs for solar power plants, there is a difference in the return on invested capital and construction costs compared to SPPs.

Ihor Sotnyk, Director of investment banking at Concorde Capital bank, says that Chinese investors have a great interest in Ukraine’s wind power, but they lack ready made WPP projects.

According to the expert, the main criteria for their entry into the Ukrainian market are:

availability of a high-quality WPP project with a capacity of more than 30 MW with all measurements ready;

a signed preliminary contract for sale of electricity;

connection specifications;

experience of implementing such projects.

“European Size”

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), at of the end of 2018, the share of WPPs in the EU’s energy balance exceeded 15% (for comparison, it made up only 0.75% in Ukraine).

With a 44-% share of RES, Denmark is balancing them with hydroelectric power plants, biogas plants and biomass power; Germany, being on its way toward coal and nuclear power refuse – with natural gas power facilities.

Taking into account the above factors, wind power plants in Ukraine has high potential for development, but it is crucial to solve the problem of balancing power facilities and to enable the development of new WPP projects.




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