For the first half of 2019, Unisolar has implemented more PV projects than for the whole of last year

The SEF 2019 KYIV Forum and Trade Show will last 3 days, the event will be held on October 16-18 in Kyiv. The event will feature more than 80 distinguished speakers who will present the most topical industry information, main trends and cutting-edge technological solutions.

Unisolar is among the partners and participants of the event this year. The
Company has more than 10 years of experience with photovoltaics – from home solar stations to installation of commercial-grade solar plants.

Tetyana Odnoroh, the CEO of Unisolar, has answered our topical questions about the state and prospects of the sustainable energy sector and the Company’s activities.

How has your business performance changed for the first half of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018? How many projects have you already implemented this year?

For the first half of 2019, solar facilities with a total capacity of over 45 MW have been launched in cooperation with us. This result is even better than in 2018. Our company is growing, developing, increasing its staff and entering into even more contracts with new partners. Basically our company supplies equipment for megawatt projects; this year we have already implemented 2 turnkey projects of megawatt solar plants.

Is a global switch to100% renewable energy possible in the coming years?

Of course not. It is not possible even in such countries as China, India
and the United States of America that own the largest solar power capacities. A full transition to renewable energy will be the best option for the planet, but it will become possible in a hundred years when people not only will be deeply aware of its advantages but also be able to implement it.

Please tell us about your company’s plans till the end of 2019. What important achievements of Unisolar have taken place this year?

Commercial solar plants are our main focus. And, in addition, promoting the field of solar energy and creating awareness about it. Implementation of the maximum possible amount of megawatts in the solar energy sector in cooperation with us. Moreover, our plans for this autumn include a social project and some educational initiatives in higher education institutes and schools.

In your opinion, what should everyone know about renewable energy?

It is the sector of future that it will later replace other forms of getting energy and help us protect the planet from ecological disaster.

Now the market is moving towards automation with the help of machine intelligence. In your opinion, will digitization be a useful tool for the industry or vice versa?

Yes, of course. Maximum automation will allow avoiding human mistake factors, but it will take many years for Ukraine to get such flawless and smooth operation.

What is Unisolar going to present at SEF 2019?

At the trade show, our company is going to present the implemented projects with the use of various equipment and interesting solutions for solar stations. We will also show the Company slightly updated, as we have started to actively improve ourselves in the information space – a new web site, the first 2D video on solar energy in Ukraine, more interesting articles, seminars and more. We are trying to give our future partners as much information as possible – even before having our first meeting with them.

What will your Company get from its participation in SEF 2019? How important is this event to Unisolar?

First, this event helps introduce the Company and remind about it, make new useful social contacts, and present new equipment.

Second, in the field of solar energy, we have known each other for many years and it’s extremely important to share news and thoughts with colleagues.


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