Ukraine and Poland Discussed Investing in Renewable Energy

Reducing dependence on traditional energy resources is an important issue for both Ukraine and Poland.

During his visit to Warsaw, the Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Serhiy Savchuk took part in the X International Forum “Ukrainian business days in Poland”, where he discussed attracting Polish investments into Ukrainian projects on energy efficiency, clean energy and use of waste energy.

By the way, Poland has a vast experience in this sector – the country has:

– more than 190 composting plants;

– more than 170 factories of mechanical biological treatment of waste

– 7 waste-to-energy facilities.

“At the same time, about 10 mln tons of solid household waste is produced annually in Ukraine. Indeed, this is “gold” under our feet. Launching the construction of waste-to-energy facilities will allow replacing up to 1 billion cubic meters of gas per year,” explained S. Savchuk.

On completion of the Forum, there are plans to work on potential projects in the field of waste-to-energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

Source: State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine

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