Ukraine plans to achieve 70% of renewable energy generation by 2050

On January 21, the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine presented the Concept of the Green Energy Transition of Ukraine by 2050.

According to the document, it is economically expedient for Ukraine to reach 70% of RES share in electricity production by 2050. Moreover, a significant part (up to 15%) should be set up by electricity generation from roof-mounted solar power plants in households and businesses.

The Concept of the Green Energy Transition of Ukraine by 2050
Photo: Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine

Minister of Energy and Environment of Ukraine Oleksiy Orzhel said, that the main indicator of the concept implementation is energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

“The development of RES in Ukraine must be economically reasonable. The consumer must pay a fair price for an environmental unit of energy (meaning kWh),” said Minister of Energy and Environment Protection of Ukraine Oleksiy Orzhel.

The document also envisages a significant increase in the role of decentralized electricity supply, which will require the use of modern technologies related to demand management, cumulative and distributed generation.

“The decarbonization of energy will be accompanied by its decentralization and the development of distributed generation. This will lead to a rapid increase in the number of energy objects, connections and complications of energy systems,” reads in the Concept about the digitization of economic processes.

What does need about Ukraine’s green energy transition to 2050 according to the Concept:

  • Carry out a large-scale thermo-modification of buildings to achieve specific energy consumption per square meter to the EU average;
  • Construction of new energy-efficient buildings, passive house standard buildings;
  • Introduce a national system of technical regulation for green building;
  • Improve the efficiency of individual heating and cooling of buildings by replacing carbon-intensive energy (coal, gas) with clean energy – electricity and heat from renewable sources (solar, geothermal, biofuels);
  • Develop district heating, cooling, and hot water systems, especially in large cities, based on renewable energy;
  • Introduce energy storage technologies at the household level;
  • Constantly inform and educate people and businesses about the feasibility of implementing energy efficiency measures.

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Video presentation of the Concept of «Green» Energy Transition of Ukraine by 2050:

The text of the Concept of “green” energy transition of Ukraine to 2050:

Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine

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