Tetra Pak wants 100 percent sustainable energy by 2030

Tetra Pak wants 100 percent sustainable energy by 2030

Packaging giant Tetra Pak now obtains 50 percent of its global electricity supply from renewable sources. The landmark figure comes as the business works towards a goal of using 100 percent renewable electricity across all of its global operations by 2030.

In 2016, Tetra Pak received only 20% of electricity from renewable sources and increased its use by up to 50% over 2 years. This is due to the active installations of solar stations on their sites and the purchase of international certificates for renewable energy sources or I-REC.

Mario Abreu, Tetra Pak’s vice president of sustainability

“Using renewable energy is an important part of our journey to reduce the carbon impact of our own operations and so help tackle climate change,” Mario Abreu, Tetra Pak’s vice president of sustainability, said in a statement.

The US Environmental Protection Agency states that such certificates are necessary because they “substantiate the requirements for the use of renewable energy sources”.

“Through the purchase of renewable energy certificates, we are investing in the development of infrastructure to increase the availability of renewable electricity,” he added. “Meanwhile, we are also exploring opportunities to scale up our own on-site solar power installations.”

The main office of “Tetra Pak” in Sweden

Tetra Pak is also a member of the RE100, a global initiative made up of some of the world’s biggest companies, all committed to 100 percent renewable power. Other members of the RE100 include Ikea, Facebook and Mars.

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