Sungrow: “Our newest product, SG250HX, is the most powerful string inverter in the market”

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., a leading PV technology company, has been developing and providing clean energy solutions for 22 years already. The Company’s wide production range includes PV inverters, wind converters, energy storage systems and floating systems for floating PV power plants.

Baris Sozener, the Company’s Director of Sales & Operations – Turkey, Balkans & Ukraine, answered a few questions for our web portal.

Mr. Sozener, please tell us about the new products, technologies, and solutions which your company offers to the global renewable energy niche this year. Which of them do you plan to introduce (or have already introduced) in Ukrainian market?

Sungrow has been in the forefront of innovation for renewable energy products since 1997. As a world-class technology provider, our business originally started with PV inverters. Hence, it is our products’ responsibility to seamlessly integrate electricity into the grid. However, Sungrow is now not only present in the inverter industry but covers a vast array of solutions for energy storage equipment as well as floating power plants. On the inverter side, as leading inverter company we offer both central and string PV inverter solutions, with and without medium voltage.

Recently, we launched a new series of inverters, the CX/HX series. These string inverters are specifically tailored for utility-scale and commercial & industrial installations, namely our multi-MPPT inverters SG50CX, SG110CX and SG250HX. The latter is already known as the world’s most powerful 1500 Vdc string inverter on the market. It characterizes an optimal protection capacity of IP66 and 12 MPPTs, maximizing yields while coupling with bifacial module and tracking systems. We expect these PV inverter solutions to be a worldwide success! In Ukraine, we also plan to introduce them soon, since we are already present in the string inverter industry. Moreover, we are currently in discussion for some larger projects, where we might get the chance to introduce our central inverters, as well.

Back side of SG110CX inverter

Which of your products and services were best sellers in the first 6 months of 2019? Why?

Our flagship product SG60KTL as well as the SG125HV, the parent model of our new SG250HX, have been our best sellers in the past years both globally and in the Ukrainian market. They both have already proven their reliability over time on many installations worldwide through a very low failure rate and are characterized by a high value for money.

What are the main challenges for Sungrow in the sustainable energy niche globally?

I think there are two major challenges. First of all, we still notice skepticism against renewable energy.

There is still some resistance to not switch from conventional energy plants to renewable plants on a larger scale. I believe, the grid parity for solar has already been reached or at least, the solar energy plants are already quite feasible without subsidies and other support measures in many countries. If a country is still subsidizing electricity and not reflecting real costs to end users, though, of course real feasibility is distorted.

The second challenge is to anticipate new trends in the market and react to the customers’ alternating needs and preferences in highly diverse markets and countries. When we talk about products and technologies, the main topic is the rapid change of trends. Five, six years ago, the largest string inverter was of around 25 kW range. The 50 kW inverters back then were almost central inverter size cabinets.

Today, we have much more powerful string inverters at around the same size of enclosure. In fact, our newest string inverter, SG250HX, is the most powerful string inverter in the market. With rapidly changing trends, inverter manufacturers must anticipate the markets’ needs. For example, 1500V DC products have replaced 1000V DC products on many big installations worldwide, while in some countries, including Ukraine, 1000V DC are still preferred.

Sungrow’s inverter SG50CX

What do you think about digitalization in the sustainable energy sector? Will it be a useful tool for the industry or not?

Nowadays, digitalization is an essential part of the electronic industry. It is necessary and extremely important for us at Sungrow to anticipate current trends and integrate digitalization wherever we can achieve improvements for our products and solutions.

Let us talk about mobile apps in the inverter business for example. While until recently, LCD screens had been popular on inverters for setup and configuration issues, now it is done through smartphone apps wirelessly. Mobile apps brought big improvements in terms of user-friendliness and opened new possibilities concerning the user interfaces. Moreover, more detailed configuration and troubleshooting is possible.  Hence, digitalization is a major driver for improvement and development in the sustainable energy industry, as well.

Is 100% renewable possible for our planet?

That is the usual question we always get, as well as the additional follow up question “What about when it is night-time? What about when there is no wind?”

The key is energy storage. A couple of years ago, we did not have the possibility of storing energy. Now, energy storage costs are dropping rapidly, and we are confident, it will be an essential part of energy projects very soon. Through our JV with Samsung, Sungrow-Samsung SDI we have already implemented many energy storage projects worldwide, ranging from grid support and frequency control projects to complete MW scale off-grid projects. In Ukraine, we are also following the ongoing discussions about implementing energy storage for grid support.

In conclusion, I am confident that 100 % renewable will be reality sooner or later. It is only a matter of time and technological development in the storage sector.

If so, what’s Sungrow company’s contribution to the world’s switch to 100% clean energy?

Our mission at Sungrow is to provide clean power for everyone. We believe that solar can meet most of the world’s energy challenges. It is abundantly available, and we just need to harvest it. By using our cutting-edge technology for residential, commercial and large-scale power generation plants it is possible to harvest and store solar energy more efficiently. That is how we give our contribution to a cleaner, better world for our children and grandchildren.

What are you going to showcase at the SEF 2019 trade show?

At SEF 2019, we are going to showcase our brand new and innovative CX & HX series of inverters, including our latest string inverter range starting from SG33CX, SG40CX, SG50CX to SG110CX and SG250HX. These inverters have been developed based on our latest customer requirements and global high-tech trends in mind. On top of all, they have highly innovative additional features such as Anti-PID and PID recovery, tracker power supply as well as high corrosion resistant enclosure, which we applied from our experience in floating power plants.

What are Sungrow’s expectations from the SEF 2019 event?

We expect to grow our business and presence in Ukraine and catch up with our existing customer base. Moreover, we are very interested to see where the market will lead in the near future with regards to the tender system. Finally, we are also looking forward to getting an impression about the current investment climate and to taking part in the discussions about what is planned by energy authorities for the local solar business in 2020 and beyond.

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., is a partner and participant of SEF 2019 KYIV, the 11th Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Central and Eastern European, that will be held in Kyiv on October 16-18.

SEF 2019 KYIV is a community of world-renowned experts, international sustainable energy market players, suppliers of state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, companies and individuals who, through their activities and achievements, are actively changing the energy landscape of Central and Eastern Europe.



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