SPP Development Ukraine will build a solar panel production plant in Bila Tserkva

SPP Development Ukraine – is a full cycle Company implementing projects in Ukraine’s renewable energy sector with a focus on solar and wind power.

Mission of the Company is to develop and launch the most advanced and powerful renewable energy complexes in Ukraine. SPP Development Ukraine deals successfuly with foreign companies and contributes in the development of the Ukrainian energy sector. The Company offers complete package of services, including development, EPC, and investments attraction.

Reception, Kyiv office, SPP Development Ukraine

The Company works with the projects at all levels – from the initial idea till its complete realization. Every stage shows the best technical specifications and performance indicators. Thanks to the professional and competent teamwork, the most powerful investors choose SPP Development Ukraine to be their Partner. To bring in investments, the most up-to-date conceptions are being implemented by the Company. All the projects are supervised by SPP Development Ukraine, from the very beginning till the stage of getting their licenses for electricity generation and sale.

As of September 2019, SPP Development Ukraine owns projects that are being at different stages of implementation with a total capacity of more than 538 MW. 5 solar power plants with 194 MW total capacity are being currently under construction.

Now, in cooperation with its partners from China, SPP Development Ukraine starts building project of solar panel production plant in Bila Tserkva city, Kyiv region. This facility with 500 МW capacity per year is to be completd in early 2021.

Building plot for one of SPP Development Ukraine’s solar power projects

“Our daily job is teamwork aimed at achieving the Company’s goals, improving Ukraine’s energy system as a whole and our country’s credibility internationally. Moreover, it is the care of our future,” SPP Development Ukraine.

Every year, sustainable energy faces new challenges, but also gets new opportunities for development. Thus, as of 2019, around 2.4 TWh of electricity from all renewable energy sources have been produced in the world, in particular, Europe and Asian countries account for more than 640 GW.

SPP Development Ukraine is a partner and participant of the SEF KYIV 2019 event that will take place on October 16-18 in Kyiv. The event will feature more than 80 distinguished speakers who will present the most topical industry information, main trends and cutting-edge technological solutions. Also, the focus of the experts will be on the latest legislative changes and political aspects of the energy sector of Europe and Ukraine in particular.

The largest trade show in Central and Eastern Europe will present the latest industry technologies: modernized equipment, newest solutions, modern services and innovative ideas for effective business development, as well as energy technologies that change the energy landscape throughout the world.

The series of powerful business events will be complemented by training sessions for solar energy installers organized by the Solar Academy, which are an integral part of the event.

SEF 2019 KYIV is organized by the Innovative Business Centre (IB Centre), which for more than 10 years has been a leading producer of the largest conferences and trade shows devoted to new energy technologies, innovations and clean technologies, as well as training programs and courses for solar energy installers.


Website: www.sppdevelopment.com.ua 

Address: 7 Klovsky uzviz, BC Carnegie Tower, 6th floor, 01021, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: +380679064613 

Email: info@sppdevelopment.com.ua

You can register for SEF 2019 KYIV:

on the website: sefkyiv.com

by phone: +38 044 383 03 56

or by sending an email to: sef@ibcentre.org

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