Solar Steelconstruction has implemented more than 3000 projects

Every year, sustainable energy not only faces new challenges but also gets new opportunities for development. Thus, as of 2019, around 2.4 TWh of electricity from all renewable energy sources have been produced in the world, in particular, Europe and Asian countries account for more than 640 GW.

The main event of the industry, SEF 2019 KYIV the 11th Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Central and Eastern European will be held in Kyiv on October 16-18. The Forum will bring together over 600 delegates from 37 countries, including owners, managers, CEOs of major international companies, as well as investors and entrepreneurs working in the field of sustainable energy. The largest trade show in Central and Eastern Europe will present the latest industry technologies: modernized equipment, newest solutions, modern services and innovative ideas for effective business development, as well as energy technologies that change the energy landscape throughout the world.

Solar Steelconstruction Company, founded in 2012, is an expert in the field of solar energy. It’s  focused on high-tech production of mount systems, construction and operation of solar power plants, as well as execution of the full range of installation works. Solar Steelconstruction is a partner and participant of the SEF 2019 KYIV event.

Commercial Director at Solar Steelconstruction Company, Dmytro Chudinov, answered IB Centre’s questions.

Please tell us about the products and services Solar Steelconstruction offers.

Our company is one of the largest players in Ukraine’s solar energy market; it designs and manufactures mount systems for both commercial and private solar power plants. Hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum and cold-rolled mount systems are the basis of our product range. Our company employs highly qualified engineers and professional construction gangs with work experience in the energy market.

How have your Company’s performance indicators for the first half of 2019 (compared to the same period in 2018) changed?

You know, we continue constructing solar stations as we used to. Compared to 2018, our company works 24/7 in 2019. The production facilities allow us to manufacture our products on time, which is crucial for our customers.

Which category prevails among your customers? Why?

Our company works in the solar energy market through a dealer network. Our main clients are installation organizations and EPC companies. Whatever the request we get, we can offer ready-made solutions used by our dealers, and, moreover, we can also develop custom solutions depending on the request. For example, it could be a 2-kW rooftop solar station or a 50-MW variable-pitch station or a station on concrete blocks – we are open to all orders.

What were the main achievements of Solar Steelconstruction during the last 2-3 years?

In 2018, we opened an integrated production – unparalleled in Ukraine. We have three factories: in Dnipro, Kyiv and in the Kyiv region. For 7 years, we have implemented more than 3000 projects. We delivered more than 30,000 tonnes of metal structures in Ukraine and in the CIS countries in 2018 alone.

13.02-MW solar power plant, Lviv Region

Now our company takes part in a project on construction of tracker solar power plant. We are constantly developing, and looking for new solutions and interesting projects.

This year, we are actively designing and installing commercial rooftop systems. In addition, our Company provides a full range of installation services: driving piles, geodetic marking of plant construction sites, installation of mount systems, installation of photomodules, driving inverter piles, laying cables and more. Working with us you will get high quality engineering and mount systems that will be in use for more than 10 years. Our company also provides post-warranty service to the solar stations we built.

Is the world’s switch to 100% clean energy possible?

It’s hard to say right now, but you can bet on it. Solar is the thing of the future, and that’s great.

What does Solar Steelconstruction Company think of using artificial intelligence in the renewable energy sector?

Technological progress forges ahead, and it is important to stimulate this progress. We are not talking about robots now, but artificial intelligence can be used for managing the solar station, monitoring its generation, as well as in the process of designing it. Therefore, I can say for certain that, if this is possible, Solar Steelconstructionwill be glad to use artificial intelligence under the control of our specialists.

What should everyone know about solar energy?

Solar power is the future. Solar energy is affordable, applicatory, environmentally friendly and, of course, nice-looking, so why not use it?


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