A Huge Solar Power Plant on 145 Hectares Will Be Constructed in Dnipro

In Samarskyi district of the city of Dnipro (Igren residenial area), a new solar power plant will be constructed. In March, the Dnipro city council approved a detailed plan for the solar plant’s construction on Bekhterev Street.

Source: https://dnpr.com.ua/

The solar panels with a total capacity of 85MW will be installed on a land plot of 144.9 hectares. Actually, this large area has not been used for years.

The project worth EUR 90 mln is funded by a French-Ukrainian company. This solar power plant will become one of the largest solar projects in Ukraine, and is expected to create almost 200 jobs and to supply electricity to about 180.000 Ukrainian households.

The project is to be implemented till end of 2019.


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