Why Solar Giant Are Essential to Ukraine? Nikopolska and Pokrovska Solar Power Plants

DTEK VDE (or DTEK Renewables) implements solar and wind energy projects in Ukraine. Most of the company’s portfolio consists of large industrial wind and solar power plants.

DTEK VDE believes that operation of such large facilities will contribute to the achievement of Ukraine’s goals in energy and ecology, and improve the country’s energy security.

Today, we will talk about the two largest solar power plants in Ukraine – Nikopolska and Pokrovska – with a total capacity of 440 MW.

About the Projects 

Solemn opening of the largest solar power station in Ukraine – Nikopolska – with a total capacity of 200 MW took place on April 19, 2019. About 750,000 solar panels manufactured by the Chinese producers Seraphim Solar System and Trina Solar were installed there. The total investment in the project amounted to EUR 216 mln, EUR 134 mln of which – credit funds, attracted from China.

The power plant is located in Nikopol district of Dnipropetrovsk region on the territory of a former ore mine (400 hectares). It had been closed more than 10 years ago and the territory, useless for agricultural purpose, used to be abandoned.

The use of such a large area and successful investment attraction allowed DTEK to construct one of the three largest solar power plants in Europe. The “green” generation of Nikopolska solar power plant is predicted to be 290 mln kWh per year.

Today, Nikopolska solar power plant is the largest solar plant in Ukraine

The Company continues constructing large-scale “green” energy projects. In February, it announced the start of another plant’s construction – Pokrovska – with a capacity of 240 MW. It will contain even more solar panels – 874,000. This facility will also be located on the land of an abandoned ore mine.

Start of Pokrovska solar power plant construction

Investments in the project will make up EUR 200 mln. Risen, a company from China, known for high efficiency of its equipment, has become a supplier of solar panels for the plant. In turn, the German concern Siemens has been chosen as a general contractor for the construction of a 35/150-kV power accumulation substation. Siemens is to supply all key equipment, such as transformers, open and closed-type switchgears, and control systems.

The area of ​​Pokrovska solar plant is equal to about 600 football fields, and it is going to be the largest solar power plant in Ukraine. The facility is expected to generate about 400 mln kWh of “green” electricity per year.

The social and economic significance of such large-scale solar power projects can not be overestimated.

What are their advantages for society and the country as a whole?

  • Reducing the negative environmental impact of the energy sector. Thus, operation of Nikopolska solar plant will allow reducing СО2 emissions by 300,000 tons per year, and Pokrovska – by 420,000 tons – by reducing the traditional facilities’ electricity generation.
  • Rational use of lands that can be used for agriculture. Both solar power stations are located on the territory of former ore mines. Though these lands had been recultivated, they are not suitable for growing crops. And now these lands will contribute to improving the energy independence of Ukraine.
  • Significant tax receipts by local and state budgets.
  • Creating new jobs. About 1,500 of Ukrainian and Chinese specialists were involved in the construction of Nikopolska solar power plant. Now the operating facility employs about 30 highly skilled professionals. By the way, according to recent research, a global transition to 100% renewable energy in all sectors by 2050 would create 35 million new jobs worldwide.
  • As such attractive investment projects stimulate technological renewal of the country, they also contribute to the strengthening of its energy efficiency and growth of the country’s economy.


DTEK VDE’s generates electricity by operating wind and solar power stations. With a 15-per cent share of the Ukrainian renewable facilities’ market, the Company manages and operates 2 wind power plants and 2 solar power plants with a total capacity of 510 MW.


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