SEF 2019 KYIV has identified the best sustainable energy projects of Eastern Europe in 2019!

As part of the largest SEF 2019 KYIV Sustainable Energy Forum, the annual SEF AWARDS 2019 Ceremony was held on the 16th of October.

SEF Awards 2019 celebrates the best projects in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, innovative technologies and the latest solutions for sustainable energy and Eastern European markets.

This year, for the third time in a row, SEF Awards has identified the high quality of solar, wind, bioenergy and energy efficiency projects’ development, the best local and international products, as well as prominent individuals in the field of sustainable energy in Eastern Europe.

9 companies, which scale and actively advance the sustainable energy industry with their own projects and developments, earned significant awards at the SEF AWARDS 2019 Ceremony!

The SEF Awards 2019 categories and winners:  

Best investment project in the field of sustainable energy in Eastern Europe – Solar Chernobyl

Best PV project in Eastern Europe – SPP Development Ukraine

Best wind energy project in Eastern Europe – Vindkraft Kalanchak

Best project in the field of bioenergy in Eastern Europe – Yugenenergopromtrans

Best project in the field of energy efficiency in Eastern Europe – Kharkiv Energy Cluster

Best local sustainable energy product in Eastern Europe – Odeskabel

Prominent figure in the field of sustainable energy – Dmytro Lukomskyi

Best innovative project in Ukraine – Solar Systems

Best international sustainable energy product – Huawei

Every year, we are experiencing an expansion in the number of sustainable energy projects in Central and Eastern Europe, an increase in MW of capacity and, consequently, in competitiveness of companies that prove their importance and demonstrate the active development of a sustainable energy business in Europe.

SEF KYIV, as a leading event for sustainable energy industry and its partners, focuses on innovative technologies and upgraded services that make sustainable energy successful worldwide – now and in the future. The SEF Awards have already become a landmark ceremony that celebrates the best sustainable energy projects in Eastern Europe for all participants and companies, as it annually gives encouragement to new promising achievements and actively enhances competitiveness of the market players.

Сongratulations to the 2019 SEF Awards’ winners on their new achievements! We wish you to implement even more large-scale projects and capacities in future!

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