RECOM: largest European solar company with products sold and installed in 85 countries around the world

The main event of the industry, SEF 2019 KYIV the 11th Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Central and Eastern European was held by IB Centre in Kyiv on October 16-18. SEF 2019 KYIV brought together world-renowned experts, international sustainable energy market players, suppliers of state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, companies and individuals who were actively changing the energy landscape of Central and Eastern Europe.

RECOM, the largest solar module producer in Europe was a partner and participant of this event.

Hamlet Tunyan, the Company’s CEO, has been interviewed by IB Centre.

Please make a brief introduction of RECOM for the readers of our web site. What should your potential customers learn about the Company?

Established in 2007, RECOM is the largest European solar company with products sold and installed in 85 countries around the world and with the expertise in developing large scale solar plants.

Our high-quality solar cells and modules are designed and engineered in Europe. Our main factory is located in Lannion, France.

Production line at the French plant of RECOM

There is a brief history of the French plant. In 2017, RECOM acquired SILLIA VL, a major French module manufacturing company with 50 years of expertise. Having invested EUR 11 mln, RECOM upgraded the capacity of Sillia to 300 MW from 50 MW.

The investment also secured cost efficiency and lower carbon footprint – important factors to create the best value proposition for the company’s customers.

Which of your products or solutions do you plan to introduce (or have already introduced) in Ukraine’s market?

Right now, our focus is the half-cut cell modules, with 15-years product warranty and up to 400 Wp.
These modules, like all RECOM products, are manufactured and tested at European standards and offer higher power output: 5-25% generally (depending on different reflective conditions).

There is a sense of uncertainty and lack of strategy on the Ukrainian market.

The market has high potential, but companies are waiting what will happen with the move from feed-in tariff towards an auction system.

We saw the Ukrainian government to lead the way to transition to renewables in Eastern Europe, offering generous FIT scheme for utility-scale projects and net metering for residential PV, and now everyone is waiting what will happen with the new action system.

We saw the Ukrainian government’s willingness to find the best solution together with companies and investors. Until now we have a stable and large supply to the Ukrainian market this year.

Building of RECOM’s French Factory – RECOM Sillia

What are the largest projects that RECOM has managed to implement in 2019?

RECOM supplied 300 MW to Ukraine since late 2015, when we entered the market, and we have contracted another 250 MW until the first quarter of next year (2020).

Ukraine, Rubanivka solar plant 12.7 MW

Outside of Ukraine, we have finished several projects this year. Just to mention a few: 2 in the NY city;we have also around 220MW awarded projects in France, where we, as a European manufacturer, can support the high quality and the low carbon footprint requirements of the French market.

This year, we also have established our presence in Cyprus. We have got a 4.5-MW project, where we act as EPC, almost ready. (RECOM also has an EPC department).

These are the most remarkable during 2019 among others of course.

What is the Company’s contribution to the global switch to 100% renewable energy?

We are investing in European production facilities (our own facility in France mentioned above) and also in Belarus and in Armenia to achieve lowest carbon footprint and to contribute to the reliability, durability and sustainability of the quality of the PV modules.


Web site:

HQ address: 4 Avenue Pierre Marzin, 22300 Lannion, France


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