Photomate: “Huawei Inverters Are the Most Advanced Product on the Market. Last year, the Company Spent $ 15 billion on Research and Development”

Photomate, a distributor of Huawei Technologies for solar energy sector in Central and Eastern Europe with many years’ experience, is a sponsor and exhibitor of CISOLAR 2019.

Anton, please tell us about the changes that took place in Photomate last year and how they influenced on its activities.

The company grows along with the expansion of its portfolio of projects. The number of employees in Ukraine has increased to 5 people and in Europe – to 15 all in all.

What is the feature of the new Huawei FusionSolar inverters? How do they differ from others?

Today, Huawei inverters are the most advanced product on the market due to the Company’s huge R & D budgets, which other companies of this business sector cannot afford. Last year, Huawei Technologies spent $ 15 billion on research and development. This is the main reason for success and popularity of the product. At the same time, the Company is much more competitive with regard to pricing.

What is Photomate going to showcase at the CISOLAR 2019 trade show? Will any Huawei technologies be implemented into equipment for solar power plants?

We are going to announce a new product for commercial projects.

Which of your products were best sellers last year? Why?

First of all, HUAWEI SUN2000-33KTL A inverter became our best seller last year among private households in Ukraine. We estimate its share (together with other less powerful items of this series) to exceed 80% of the market.

As to commercial projects, investors often chose HUAWEI SUN2000-60KTL M0 for the projects of standard voltage class and HUAWEI SUN2000-100KTL – for 1500V DC class.

Huawei Sun2000 60KTLM0 Inverter

From the point of view of Photomate, what kind of trends already exist or are expected in the global solar energy market this year?

The market of Ukraine is very different from the global market. In many countries, the renewable energy development policies have their own specifics too, so it is difficult to comment on this. In general, there is a tendency towards cheapening, so many companies will find it difficult keep their heads above water and continue to grow.

What are the main peculiar features of Ukrainian “green” energy market?

Ukraine has uniquely attractive conditions for investing in “green” energy. The market players will try to do their best by end of 2019 (before the conditions change).

Customers have begun to accumulate experience and understand the importance of cooperation with a reliable partner in the long run of their plant’s operating time. Investors began to carefully assess risks and pay attention to quality issues. From our point of view, this is a very positive trend, enforced by the entry of large international players into the market.

Please tell about the Company’s plans for 2019.

Launch of new products in the market, including solutions for off-grid power stations for households. Target increase of our market share.

What everybody must know today about the solar energy? Your opinion.

Renewable energy is an inevitable trend of the world’s energy development. I think that this has already become evident even for its most vociferous opponents.

What will Photomate achieve from its participation in CISOLAR? What does this event mean to your company?

CISOLAR2019 is an important event for us and we are preparing for it thoroughly. We appreciate this platform for providing the opportunity to meet new customers as well as for qualitative approach to the event organization.



Huawei Photomate at CISOLAR 2018 expo

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