Phono Solar: “We keep our technology at the leading position in the industry”

Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd. started its renewable energy business in 2004.

Based on technological and product innovation, Phono Solar is committed to providing its customers with one-stop clean energy solutions, with wholesale energy supply, management, distribution and storage.

Listed as “Top Performer” by DNV-GL and BNEF’s (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) “Tier 1” module manufacturer, Phono Solar complies with stringent industrial leading standards, seeking to continuously improve its product quality and performance.

Phono Solar focuses on manufacturing of solar modules and selects only the highest quality materials and components for their production. This, along with its world-leading automated production line, enables the Company its high-performance modules at competitive price.

Michael K.Lee, Executive VP of Global Business Development at Phono Solar, told IB Centre about the Company’s activities, achievements, expectations from the SEF2019 event, and its vision of global switch to 100% clean energy.

Please tell us about the new products, technologies, and solutions that your Company offers for the global renewable energy sector this year.

Phono Solar concentrates on photovoltaic technology: we have set up a renewable energy research institute, which mainly focuses on R&D of PV cell and PV module technology. In terms of PV cells, we are making research of such technologies as mono Perc with P type and N type solar cells, Mono SE Perc as well as Topcon; and when it comes to PV modules, we focus on  innovation and research of full-cell modules, half-cell modules and multi-busbar modules. Our continuous efforts allow us to keep our technology at the leading position in the industry.

The highest power output of a solar module we can supply is over 410W right now. Besides, we have focused on the research of larger wafer such as 166-mm and 210-mm, as well as N type solar cells technology. We also have a new PV module called NOVA in which MWT (Metallization Wrap Through) technology is applied. Having a specially designed grid feature, it can bring 20W+ higher rated power output compared to a traditional solar module.

The world’s 9th largest solar power plant (35MW) of 2010 in Czech Republic

What were the key achievements of Phono Solar for the 8 months of 2019?

We have got good achievements in European and North American markets. Germany is the representative market of Europe; we carry out our regional business through the cooperation with distributors. In the North American market, we focus on the business expansion in United States, and we supply solar modules through cooperation with local utility companies in the industry. In addition, we have achieved good sales performance in other markets such as Ukraine, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Israel.

What are the main challenges  for the Company in the sustainable energy market of Ukraine?

The first thing to say is that Ukraine is an important market to us. Phono Solar has been in solar business for more than 10 years already, and we are currently increasing the input of resources in it, including sales and marketing in Ukrainian market. In 2019, we have already locked more than 300 MW of solar module supply orders, and dozens MW of products have been shipped, so it seems that we are “getting closer” to each other. Ukraine is a promising market, and we believe that we will increase our local market share with the reputable brand and good quality products of Phono Solar soon.

What’s Phono Solar’s contribution to the world’s switch to 100% clean energy?

Phono Solar will focus on solar energy sector, and we will continually contribute to the following: develop new technologies, keep our product quality on the industry’s leading position, reduce the cost of raw materials and assembly, enhance the management level and explore long-term benefits from the view of economy and environment.

We will take advantage of SINOMACH and SUMEC Group’s platform to increase our investment in research and development, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the entire photovoltaic industry through continuous research and study of new products and technologies.

Moreover, thanks to cooperation with internationally renowned educational programs, which will work in the global market, we are broadcasting a documentary to increase awareness about solar energy. We want more members of the society, including students, to better understand the industry we are engaged in and the products we manufacture.

6.5-MW ground-mounted solar plant in Nauroth, Germany

What are you going to showcase at the SEF 2019 trade show?

Apart from the regular poly and mono perc module series, mono PERC modules, using large cells, and bifacial mono PERC modules will be our highlight at the show. By taking advantages of large wafers, our full-cell mono perc modules can reach 390/395W, and half-cut mono perc modules can reach 400/405W. Large-cell modules are the mainstream in the industry and can significantly contribute to solar projects’ generation, allowing investors and owners to get higher ROI (return on investment).

What do you think Phono Solar will achieve from its participation in the SEF 2019 event?

We believe this event can better connect us with various local players, including investors, owners, EPC contractors and solar business as a whole here, in Ukraine, and even greater Eastern Europe region. Driven by its renewable energy policy, Ukraine is still one of the hottest markets, we are glad to be a participant and witness its rapid development.


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Phono Solar is a partner and participant of SEF 2019 KYIV. The event is arranged by the Innovative Business Centre (IB Centre).

Join the main event of the industry, SEF 2019 KYIV the 11th Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe that will be held in Kyiv on October 16-18.

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