Odeskabel will present a new cable Solar on SEF 2018 KYIV

Odeskabel will present a new cable Solar on SEF 2018 KYIV

The cables of the Odessa factory are applied throughout the territory of Ukraine and in many countries of the world. The list of objects that were used in the construction and reconstruction of products of PJSC “Odessa Cable Plant Odeskabel”, has many hundreds of objects.

The company offers complex solutions for the supply of a wide range of cable products for the implementation of alternative energy projects:

– cable for solar power plants PV1-F (from the beginning of 2017 more than 1000 km cable for photovoltaic systems was delivered to the Ukrainian market)

– power cables with XLPE isolation 6-35 KV

– power cables with XLPE insulation up to 1 kV

– power cables in vinyl isolation up to 6 kV

– control cables KHVV, KVVG

– power cables flexible KHNV

– Fiber optic cables

In particular, “Odeskabel” developed a special cable – SOLAR for solar power plants.

It consists of wired tinned copper strands coated with two-layer polyethylene insulation, and a durable membrane allows it to reliably tolerate the influence of ultraviolet radiation, ammonia, ozone, oils, chemicals, and precipitation, and temperature fluctuations.

Owing to high-quality equipment and materials from leading manufacturers, Odeskabel’s products are at the level of the best world-class analogues and provide reliable, uninterrupted operation of solar and wind power plants in Ukraine.

Details about features of the Solar Cable can be found at the SEF Forum on October 16.

This year, the company became a sponsor of the SEF 2018 KYIV Kilowatt. At the event, hundreds of companies conclude contracts, and a large number of visitors can get acquainted with the latest technology.

The event allows industrial companies and medium-sized businesses to gather for news, learn about the development of this market and even make decisions about designing their own solar panels.

On SEF 2018 KYIV presents: the latest equipment, mounting systems, software and hardware, information on implemented projects in Ukraine and beyond – this attracts visitors from several countries. PJSC “Odeskabel” has a rich experience in providing all these alternative energy producers with high-quality cable for reliable connection of all nodes and systems. The company invites you to visit SEF 2018 KYIV to learn about new technologies and details of possible collaboration. Here you will find cost-effective and advanced cable technologies that are implemented at different levels, ranging from a small own solar station to an industrial power plant with several megawatts of output power.

Stay up to date with the latest developments and visit the SEF 2018 Forum and Trade Show to learn more!

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