Odeskabel Plant: 70 years of experience and over $ 40 mln of production investment

The Odeskabel Plant was established in 1949. Over the years of its development, the Company has become an undisputed leader of communication cables’ production in Ukraine and one of the leading cable production plants in Eastern Europe.

PJSC Odeskabel is a partner and participant of the SEF 2019 event that represents a community of world-renowned experts, international sustainable energy market players, suppliers of state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, companies and individuals who, through their activities and achievements, are actively changing the energy landscape of Central and Eastern Europe.

11 facts that prove the leadership of PJSC Odeskabel

Specialness in a Real Sense 

Odeskabel is the only Ukraine’s plant that can fully meet the needs of the country’s construction, energy and telecommunications markets in cable products.

Odeskabel is the first plant in Ukraine and in the CIS countries, which:

  • introduced the technology of fiber optic cables’ production, and has been developing and producing their improved designs for 33 years;
  • 16 years ago established production of LAN cables for computer networks, currently being a leading manufacturer in this area.

Exclusive Offer and Opportunities

Currently, the plant’s manufactured products range consists of more than 10.000 label sizes.

The main production directions are as follows:

  1. LAN cables;
  2. Fiber optic cables;
  3. Power cables, wires and cords;
  4. Communication cables;
  5. Signal and blocking cables;
  6. Radio-frequency cables.

Odeskabel also produces heating cables for systems of electric space heating and anti-icing systems which is an exclusive offer throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Odeskabel also produces heating cables for systems of electric space heating and anti-icing systems which is an exclusive offer throughout the territory of Ukraine.

By the way, 40 football fields in Ukraine and other the CIS countries use heating cable lines from Odeskabel PJSC. Anti-icing systems also work successfully in the Odessa Opera House’s building and Boris hospital, a famous clinic located in Kyiv.

The Driving Force Behind Success 

Dmytro Iorhachov, Director General of the plant, said:

“The success is based on the use of modern technology and our experienced team of employees. And the Company’s strategy is a systematic modernization and innovations in the manufacturing process as well as maintaining our top position and strict adherence to principles”.

Moreover, much attention is paid to the quality policy of the plant. 

Constantly Increasing Exports

The plant not only satisfies the needs of Ukraine’s domestic market for cable products but also successfully exports them abroad. In 2018, the Сompany’s exports amounted to about 32% of its total sales. Among the Ukrainian customers of Odekabel are:

  • PJSC Ukrtelecom;
  • SE Ukrzaliznytsya;
  • SE Enerhoatom;
  • NEC Ukrenergo;
  • Vodafone Ukraine;
  • PJSC Kyivstar;
  • OJSC Ukrtransnafta;
  • Kyiv Metropolitan public utility company.

The international customers of the Company are as follows: RUE Beltelecom (Belarus), Moldtelecom (Moldova), VOLTINA candy s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Exim Holding s.r.o. (Slovakia), Yerevan Telecom Solutions CJSC (Armenia), Sun Algae (Austria).

All of them note that now it takes less time to install cable lines – due to the fact that the Company’s products are manufactured with the strict observance of technological procedures.

The Recognition from International Associations

Odeskabel PJSC is an active participant of the main cable and wiring manufacturers’ associations, including Ukrelektrokabel, the International Association “Electrokabel”, Interkabel Association, and the International Cablemakers Federation (ICF).

The Company actively takes part in prestigious industry exhibitions – CISOLAR, SEF, Elcom, and Energy in the Industry (Kyiv). This fall, PJSC Odeskabel is a partner of the SEF KYIV 2019 event.

Representative Offices

For the convenience of customers, a network of representative offices of Odeskabel plant has been created in 6 cities of Ukraine.

Awards and Achievements

The plant was repeatedly awarded with honorary titles and got recognition of its success on both domestic and international levels. There are some of them: the Winner of the 10th International Quality Tournament of the Central and Eastern European countries; within the framework of the International Sustainable Energy Forum SEF 2018, PJSC Odeskabel was awarded for the best local sustainable energy product of Eastern Europe; a Laureate of the CIS Prize for achievements in the field of the quality of products and services; the Winner of the All-Ukrainian “Best Employer of the Year” award and many others.

Відповідність світовим стандартам

An integrated management system has been developed and implemented in PJSC Odeskabel. It includes the following systems:

  • DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001:2015),
  • DSTU ISO 14001: 2015,
  • DSTU OHSAS 18001: 2010.

Warranty Obligations

The Company underpins the high quality of its products with a 3-year warranty. In fact, the cables are ideally functioning not only during their warranty period but also during their entire operation life (from 20 to 40 years depending on the cable type).

Social Initiatives

The plant regularly provides comprehensive support to people on lower incomes and other disadvantaged segments of the population.

70 Years of Leadership and Success

Impressive figures:

  • 70 years of production expertise and market activity;
  • more than 230 partners around the world;
  • more than $ 40 million invested in production;
  • more than 900 employees;
  • more than $ 5 million of charitable donations;
  • 95,5% – level of consumer satisfaction with the quality of the plant’s products;
  • the finished goods inventory is worth more than $ 5 million;
  • more than 10 patents for the objects of industrial property received.

The Company’s advantages:

  • Own accredited testing laboratory;
  • Huge product range;
  • Flawless quality confirmed by the international certifications;
  • Representative offices and warehouses all over the country;
  • Convenient, reliable and well-run logistics system;
  • Impeccable reputation in the market.

The Company is making ongoing efforts to all segments of its production. Odeskabel plant continues to develop, set new goal and solve the following tasks:

  • Increasing supply of its products to the European market;
  • Technical modernization;
  • Growing rapport with consumers.


Web site: http://www.odeskabel.com

Manufacturing facility address:

PJSC Odesa Cable Plant “Odeskabel”

144 Mykolaiv Road, Odesa, 65102, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 048 716 11 23; Fax: +38 048 716 14 01

Email: office@odeskabel.com

Contacts of the Company’s divisions and branches can be found on its web site: http://www.odeskabel.com/contact.html

You can register for SEF 2019 KYIV:

on the website: sefkyiv.com

by phone: +38 044 383 03 56

or by sending an email to: sef@ibcentre.org

The event is arranged by Innovation Business Centre (IB Centre Europe).

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