Metropoliya Company Implemented More Than 100 Projects with a Total Capacity of 4,500 MW

This year, Metropoliya engineering company has become a sponsor of CISOLAR 2019, the 8th International Solar Energy Industry Conference and Trade Show in Central and Eastern Europe. The Company has more than 100 implemented projects of wind and solar power stations with a total capacity of 4,500 MW in its portfolio.

Metropoliya Science and Technology Company is a full cycle engineering company in the power sector – from the formation of an idea to its practical implementation.

Due to the professional approach and unconventional decisions, Company has a positive business reputation and constructive partner relationships with many large companies, represented at the power market of Ukraine.

The company’s main activities are project management, technology consulting, permissive and management consulting, engineering, design and construction in the power industry.

The rampant and dynamic development of the renewable energy market of Ukraine has circumvented the widening of the Company’s activity range. Now the considerable part of the Company’s projects is the “green” projects, including solar and wind power plants projects. Its experience allows us to offer our customers the complex approach to SPP and WPP construction as EPC-contractor.

As of today, Metropoliya has successfully completed more than 100 projects, including designing of 4 500 MW generation, comprising over 1000 MW of wind power and over 300 MW of PV plants.

Development of unique innovative program complex – GIS of 35-750 kW electrical grids in power system of Ukraine – allows the Company’s customers to obtain the most suitable options for facilities interconnection, its highest possible specification and tentative cost for interconnection of future power plant at early concept formation stage.

On a global basis, the company deals with the issues of smooth introduction of “green” generation into the United Power System of Ukraine and promotes the formation of an efficient and progressive legislative basis for the renewable energy sector.

Metropoliya Company is continuously developing, moving forward, discovering new horizons for its activities and scaling new heights; it is not enough for it to be the best – it strives to be the only one.

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Take part in CISOLAR and join the world-famous experts, international solar energy market players, providers of advanced technology solutions – those who today write history of the energy industry. CISOLAR 2019 trade show will take place in Kyiv on April, 17-18.

The event is arranged by Innovation Business Centre (IB Centre Europe).

To register for CISOLAR 2019, go to

You can call or write an email to our Organizational Committee:

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