MBI Development Presented the Solar Modules, Which Are the Choice of Leading Global Companies and Picked Up the CISOLAR Awards 2019

The main regional business event – CISOLAR 2019, the 8th International Conference and Trade Show of Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe – was held on April, 16-18, in Kyiv. MBI Development Company not only took part in the Conference and Trade Show but also won the CISOLAR Awards 2019 in Solar Product nomination.

MBI Development is an official distributor of SunPower, one of the world’s leading solar companies, with headquarters in the Silicon Valley, USA. SunPower manufactures solar modules, recognized for their high performance and reliability and is one of the most innovative companies in the global solar energy sector.

The company produces record-breaking solar modules that are valued by customers around the world for their:

– highest efficiency available in the market1

– unmatched reliability2;

– lowest degradation rate3;

– a leading warranty;

– environmental friendliness4.

The MBI Development team at the CISOLAR 2019 Trade Show

From NASA engineers to gutsy airplane pilots and adventurous boat captains, some of the most creative solar pioneers in the world have trusted SunPower to help them push the boundaries of what solar can do. With SunPower record-setting technology, they’ve set records of their own, taking solar higher, farther, faster. The same high reliable and high performance solar technology used to power those expeditions is available for residential and commercial customers around the globe.

SunPower Solar Power Plant with its P19 solar modules

On the Ukrainian market, MBI Development represents SunPower solar modules of Performance and Maxeon Lines.

SunPower Performance Line (P-Series), 405 W modules have been designed specifically for commercial use to provide sustained power for many decades. The Performance Line’s characteristics are as follows:

Higher efficiency. A unique method of parallel connection restricts shading loss only within a shaded area compared to a much larger shading loss distribution to other sections in conventional modules.

Profitability. As the modules are optimized to maximize profits and generate energy, the use of P-Series products is the best solution for commercial solar systems.

Better performance. Fragile ribbons and solder bonds are removed in the design of Performance Series to expand the active cell area, flexible and redundant connections keep energy flowing, thereby increasing the modules’ efficiency compared to conventional modules.

High reliability. Innovative design with flexible and reliable electrical connections between the solar cells greatly increases the reliability of the modules’ design.

Quality. SunPower offers the industry-leading 25-year warranty, delivering power and quality backing. The modules are 25-year SunPower warranty products, regardless of whether the issue is a product defect or power one.


MBI Development’s booth at the CISOLAR 2019 Trade Show

The solar modules of SunPower Maxeon 2 (E-Series) can generate more electricity per unit of area compared conventional modules; the series is the best solution if you need to maximize eelectricity generation in a space-constrained areas. SunPower Maxeon 3 (X-Series) is a premium series of the highest efficiency and most long-lasting solar modules. The modules provide:

Efficiency exceeds 20%. The modules capture more sunshine and generate more electricity compared to conventional modules. The Maxeon technology is distinguished not only by higher efficiency but also by its unique design that allows increasing electricity generation. It provides less resistance, allows lower operating temperatures and a wider spectrum of solar radiation.

Performance. The modules provide high performance in real conditions such as high temperatures, clouds and low lighting level.

High reliability. Innovative design with flexible and reliable electrical connections between the solar cells greatly increases the reliability of the modules’ design. The SunPower Maxeon solar cell is the only cell with a unique copper foundation, which is almost impermeable to corrosion and cracking, which usually threatens to conventional modules.

Quality. The modules are 25-year SunPower warranty products, regardless of whether the issue is a product defect or power one. The solar modules have been designed to provide continuous and uninterrupted power generation throughout a very long service life. More than 25 mln of solar moludes installed all over the world prove the SunPower technology’s reliability. That is why these products have 25-year combined warranty, which is the most reliable one in the industry.

– Maximum power combined with minimalistic design. The industry-leading efficiency provides greater power and allows saving your space. 

– Costsaving and the most optimal energy consumption throughout the whole service life.  The modules provide 60% more power generation over 25 years in real conditions such as partial shading and high temperatures.

By successfully using the experience and advanced technologies of its U.S. industry peers, MBI Development also provides solutions on a turnkey basis. The Company’s team of experienced professionals always works out of concern for its clients’ maximum benefit.


Web site: https://mbidevelop.com/

MBI DEVELOPMENT, LLC, Official Distributor of SunPower in Ukraine

Address: 2A Instytutska Street, Kyiv, 02000, Ukraine

Tel.: 0 (800) 33-94-97; +38 (044) 333-67-12

Email: sale@mbidevelop.com

1 Based on search of datasheet values from websites of top 20 manufacturers per IHS, as of January 2018
2 Dirk Jordan et al, Robust PV Degradation Methodology and Application, March 2018 https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?arnumber=8233204
3 Source: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/8252052-sunpower-solar-technology-end-of-year/
4 SunPower is rated #1 on Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition’s Solar Scorecard.



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