Lebanon Will Build 6 New Renewable Energy Power Plants

The new plan to fix Lebanon’s decrepit electricity sector sets out a starkly ambitious vision, including providing 24/7 electricity by next year.

The new plan calls for power production to be boosted by more than 3,000 MW in the next six years using a mixture of power plants and other projects, including renewable energy. The latter will play an essential role.

According to the plan, energy output would rise from just over 2,000 MW today to 5,695 MW by 2030. Prime Minister Saad Hariri has set a goal of having 30 percent of this coming from renewable energy sources.

Beirut, Lebanon

To achieve the massive increase in electricity supply, new power plants will be built at Deir Ammar, Zahrani and Selaata, followed by Zouk, Hreisheh and Jiyyeh.

When the plan in its final iteration is eventually endorsed, three months would be needed for tendering and then six months more for implementation of its first phase.

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