KNESS will build a solar panel production plant in Vinnytsia

KNESS will build a solar panel production plant in Vinnytsia

Creation of engineering and production cluster

Within the framework of the meeting of the governor in Vinnytsia region with the leadership of the KNESS group of companies, the creation of an engineering and production cluster in solar energy in Vinnytsia was discussed.

“The realization of the engineering-production cluster, which provides a full cycle of implementation of solar energy projects in Ukraine, is not just a task, but the goal we are implementing,” said Yuri Taraniuk, first deputy director of the KNESS Group.

Yuriy Taranyuk and Valeriy
Photo: KNESS

About the factory

The new high-tech and environmentally safe production is planned to be launched at the solar panel plant. It will be built by the end of 2019 with a capacity of 400 megawatts a year with a total payback of up to $ 180 million a year, as well as more than 400 people will be provided with work in the field of sustainable energy.

Project of the future solar panel production plant in Vinnitsa

“Such a plant for the production of solar panels – a significant contribution not only to the Ukrainian solar energy, but also to the economy of the region, employment of the population, the development of domestic industry”, – assured the head of the State Agency of Economic Development Sergiy Savchuk.

In State Energy Efficiency, it is reminded that when using domestic equipment during the installation of “green” objects, producers receive an increase to a “green” tariff of up to 10%.


The initiative to create a cluster and plant will make sustainable energy more accessible in Ukraine, and will promote the development of competition between Ukrainian producers of renewable energy sources and innovations.

“New high-tech and environmentally safe production is a contribution not only to the region’s infrastructure, but also to the development of the national renewable energy market. This is ensuring the market of solar energy in Ukraine by industrial production of competitive domestic production, “said Valery Koroviy, head of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration.

The project is implemented by Ness Est LTD. a member of the KNESS group of companies, a developer of technologies and projects for traditional and renewable energy, as well as a partner of the 10th International Forum and Exhibition of Sustainable Energy of Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2018 KYIV.

To learn more about the prospects of building and realization of green energy objects and to ask a person about the activity of “KNESS” on October 16-19 in Kyiv, having pre-filled the registration form for the event:

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