KNESS Group Has Constructed 47 PV Plants with a Total Capacity of 475 MW

KNESS is a Ukrainian group of international level companies that develops technologies and implements projects in renewable and traditional power industry.

The Group of companies carries out a full range of activities for implementing solar power projects as a general contractor. They contain all stages – from selection of a construction project, collection and preparation of initial permit documentation for setting into operation to connection to power grids and maintenance of the solar power plant.

The Group consistently implements the strategy of 100-percent Ukrainian production of components for solar power plants. Since 2015, KNESS has been manufacturing metal constructions and electrical equipment for renewable energy and distribution networks. A manufacturing company of the Group has set up inverter equipment production since 2016. As of the end of 2018, such equipment with a total capacity of 480 MW has been manufactured and installed.

In February 2019, the first Ukrainian solar panels production plant – KNESS PV – was launched.

The solar panel plant’s production capacity is 200 MW; another 200 MW will be added when the second stage of the production plant will be put into operation in 2019. The process of construction, installation and equipment adjustment of the KNESS PV plant lasted from February 2018 to February 2019.

The development of equipment, installed at the plant, was carried out by the National Institute of the People’s Republic of China, one of the world-leading renewable energy technology centers. According to the project, the plant’s production lines allow manufacturing various types of modern solar panels – frame and frameless dual glass 60 and 72-cell solar panels. Their capacity is from 270 to 390 W nominal. All characteristics of the PV panels meet the world’s highest standards, which allow selling the KNESS PV products outside the country. Sphere of application: domestic, commercial and industrial solar power plants. Putting the KNESS PV plant into operation makes it possible to talk about Ukraine as a 100-percent manufacturer of solar energy components.

In addition, the Group is actively developing its high-tech production and conducts promising research in its own research center.

Today, the Group employs 1200 specialists, 40% of them are highly skilled engineers. Over the 10-year period, KNESS Group of companies has implemented more than 100 projects in renewable and traditional power industry. 47 PV plants with a total peak capacity of more than 475 MW, built in 9 regions of Ukraine, are among them.

KNESS actively cooperates with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and a number of other international companies and banks. In 2018, KNESS Group built 3 own PV plants with a total capacity of 33.9 MW in cooperation with the EBRD. In autumn that same year, KNESS Group reported a positive energy balance – the Group of Companies generates more energy than all its offices and production consume. By the way, the energy balance will remain positive after the KNESS PV plant is launched.

Today, KNESS group of companies offers thousands of jobs, represents the Ukrainian renewable energy industry, having achieved reducing CO2 emissions by more than 551.185 tons annually.


KNESS is a Ukrainian group of international level companies that develops technologies and implements projects in renewable and traditional power industry.

KNESS PV is a solar panel manufacturing plant.

KNESS PRODUCT is a manufacturer of Ukrainian electrical equipment, inverter stations and metal structures for fixing PV-modules.

KNESS SERVICE is a company providing service and maintenance of PV plants.

KNESS RnD CENTER is a center for innovation and technology research in the field of renewable energy.

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