Karbon CNS has implemented projects with a total capacity of more than 700 MW

Karbon CNS Company has been working in the sector of telecommunications and solar energy since 2005. Its structure includes all divisions for implementing turnkey projects of any complexity.

This year, Karbon CNS Company is a partner and participant of the SEF 2019 KYIV, the 11th Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show that will be held in Kyiv on October 16-18.

The Forum will bring together over 600 delegates from 37 countries, including owners, managers, CEOs of major international companies, as well as investors and entrepreneurs working in the field of sustainable energy.

The trade show will be held on October 17-18 in Kyiv, at the M82 exhibition center (82, Mezhyhirska str.), and will bring together over 150 exhibitors – leaders, major market players and industry drivers – who change the energy coordinate system of Europe and the whole world who change the energy coordinate system of Europe and the world with their own inventions and solutions.

The series of powerful business events will be complemented by training sessions for solar energy installers organized by the Solar Academy, which are an integral part of the event.

Julia Polyakova, the CEO at Karbon CNS Company, answered several questions of IB Centre.

Please tell our readers about the main activities of Karbon CNS. What does the Company offer for the renewable energy sector?

Karbon CNS company comprehensively implements projects in the field of solar energy. Karbon CNS has implemented projects with a total capacity of more than 700 MW. We offer turnkey projects. We have a powerful design department and professionals for implementing all stages of the project. The Company specializes in industrial solar power plants, although we are now thinking about entering a new market segment.

Please tell us about the projects you have already implemented this year.

All our clients are more than just clients. Two more companies trusted us this year and our cooperation is not limited to just a few sites. We are going to do all solar projects for them.

What are the Company’s most important developments or solutions for the renewable energy industry?

As I already noted, now we are thinking about a new market segment. But this is much more than just a development, so for now, let’s keep secret.

In your view, when Ukraine’s switch to 100% renewable energy can become possible?

Renewable energy will definitely keep developing. This resource is infinite, so it is necessary to move towards energy accumulation. We are already thinking about this, as well as about how to optimize solar objects.

What is the Company’s attitude towards digitization of the renewable energy sector? Is automation worth using?

Definitely positive. We are aware of all the risks and are ready to learn, work and integrate the latest technologies. We will inevitably use automation, so now we are adapting to the new technologies and able to offer an innovative approach by ourselves.


Web site: https://karbon-cns.com.ua/uk/


9B Smolna Street, Kyiv, 03022, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (093) 147 86 27
Email: info@karbon.kiev.ua

SEF 2019 KYIV is organized by the Innovative Business Centre (IB Centre).

You can register for SEF 2019 KYIV:

on the website: sefkyiv.com

by phone: +38 044 383 03 56

or by sending an email to: sef@ibcentre.org

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