Kamianets-Podylska Solar Plant With a Peak Capacity of 64 GW Has Costed USD 55 mln to Its Investors

According to the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency, on March 19, one of the largest solar power stations in Khmelnytsky region – Kamianets-Podilska solar plant with a peak capacity of about 64 MW – was put into operation.

The solar plant in the village of Panivtsi is expected to generate up to 68 GWh of “clean” electricity per year, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 67 thousand tons annually.

Source: https://khm.depo.ua

The solar plant is operated by Podolskenergo company, and ICU and VR Capital Group investment fund (USA) have invested USD 55 mln in the project. Designing and construction of Kamianets-Podilska solar plant  took 7 months. 220,000 mono-crystal modules manufactured by Longi-Solar and ETD (Skoda) power transformers were installed on the land plot of 110 hectares. Ukrainian company KNESS was the solar plant’s general contractor.

Source: https://khm.depo.ua

It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the solar plant’s components were produced by Ukrainian enterprises. The agricultural community budget will receive UAH 2.6 mln of annual rent.

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