JinkoSolar will present SWAN bifacial Module with DuPont™ Clear Tedlar® film-based backsheet at SEF 2019

JinkoSolar is a world-renowned solar module manufacturer. The Company distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base all over the world. As of March 31, 2019, it had an integrated annual capacity of 10.5 GW for silicon wafers, 7.0 GW for solar cells, and 11.0 GW for solar modules. JinkoSolar has over 12,000 employees across its 6 productions facilities globally, 15 overseas subsidiaries and global sales teams in 15 countries.

Driven by the rapid industry transformation, continuous technology evolution and increasingly complex market demands of the solar landscape in recent years, JinkoSolar has utilized its technical leadership to create cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. New Jinko’s bifacial module with transparent backsheet has been developed out of the necessity to support the energy market transition from feed-in tariffs and governmental subsidies towards IPP/PPA schemes and grid parity scenario, which requires maximizing kWh yield and PV plant performance while limiting complexity. Swan was presented for the first time at Intersolar 2019 in Munich where it was recognized by Intersolar Award Jury for its comprehensive performance quality with its Cheetah bifacial half-cut cell technology, as well as novel utilization of transparent backsheet, making it more lightweight compared to glass-glass modules.

Advanced Technology

The new Bifacial Module with DuPont™ Clear Tedlar® film- based backsheet uses high-efficiency JinkoSolar Mono PERC Cheetah technology which enables bifacial cell production with few extra manufacturing steps. Swan module production is highly compatible with standard production processes, thus GW-scale capacity is achievable at competitive manufacturing costs. Cheetah bifacial module with 158.75mm cell size can reach up to 400Wp front side, also combined with Jinko half-cell technology, which reduces power loss and the possibility of hot spots, enabling to increase module power and reliability

Degree of Innovation

Once again Jinko proposes a product based on mature and proven technologies available at Jinko’s GW manufacturing scale; just enlarging the wafer surface without modifying the overall cell and module manufacturing steps, thus relying on the well-established quality protocols implemented on Jinko’s total production. Swan module achieves the same power output and rear-side power gain as with a dual-glass bifacial module, combining the benefits and extra yield of bifacial technology and the simplicity and easy installation of standard- glass backsheet modules. It reduces BOS costs thanks to its lighter weight and easier installation method which is identical to traditional glass-backsheet, framed modules. With an output of up to 400W on the front side and up to 20% energy gain from the rear side, the modules are ideal for PV power plants given that they are optimized to ensure a low levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). JinkoSolar also offers a linear 30-year performance warranty, setting a new standard for power output, energy yield, reliability and LCOE.

Economic Impact

The possibility to use modules with higher Wp class can significantly reduce BOS costs and LCOE consequently, fostering the pathway to reach grid parity. Swan solution generates significant savings for utility scale PV projects. The Swan modules are 7-9 kgs lighter compared to the equivalent dual-glass bifacial module which reduces BOS costs by approx. 3% and O&M costs by 5%. It also decreases by roughly 15% the mounting structure costs and tracker components/reinforcements, compared to equivalent bifacial with dual glass, bringing higher IRR and lower LCOE for bifacial module PV projects (estimated more than 6% reduction).

Introduction Video of JinkoSolar SWAN bifacial module with transparent backsheet:

JinkoSolar is a partner and participant of the SEF 2019 event. The Company will present the SWAN module at the trade show.

SEF 2019 KYIV is a community of world-renowned experts, international sustainable energy market players, suppliers of state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, companies and individuals who, through their activities and achievements, are actively changing the energy landscape of Central and Eastern Europe.

SEF 2019 KYIV is organized by the Innovative Business Centre (IB Centre), which for more than 10 years has been a leading producer of the largest conferences and trade shows devoted to new energy technologies, innovations and clean technologies, as well as training programs and courses for solar energy installers.

Contact information:

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