How to Get Your Profit from a Solar Power Station by Investing Only USD 500?

The first cooperative rooftop solar power station will be installed in the town of Slavutych. The cooperators plan to place solar panels on the roofs of four buildings located in the center of the town (the House of Culture, Minsk department store, Dnepr supermarket and consumer services center Luxe). These roofs have been leased for 30 years. A solar power plant with a capacity of about 350 kW is to be built at the expense of the cooperative. 5 percent of the profit will be received by the Energy Efficiency Fund of Slavutych.

“If you do not have 10 thousand USD for your own solar station, you can invest only 500 and make money,” says Andriy Zinchenko, a head of the Sunny City cooperative.


The residents of Slavutych will be given priority in investing in the cooperative during the first two months. Every resident of the town who wants to become the solar panels’ co-owner, can buy a share in the cooperative. The cooperative’s share price starts from USD 500.

Andriy Zinchenko believes that the cooperative solar station will pay its way in 7 years.

Today, due to much higher “green” tariff rates, return on sales of electricity generated from renewable sources is higher in Ukraine than in many European countries

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