How London is Funding the Rooftop Solar

Another 1,000 of London households will install rooftop solar panels using city budget. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has signed a plan that provides funding  £200,000 to drive rooftop solar installation in several boroughs of the capital. This amount is enough to provide up to 2.5 MW of new solar rooftop capacity.

The program is already at its third phase. Its first two stages allowed installing 624 solar rooftops with a capacity of 1.43 MW. These results have inspired three other English regions to launch such initiative.

Solar Together London was launched as a pilot program in 2017 for 324 households across five London boroughs. It brought an impressive result – each building saved from 10 to 41% for its maintenance.

How Does Solar Together London work?

The scheme is completely transparent. Under the program, property owners register online interest in potentially installing a solar rooftop. These interests are organized into borough-based groups and auctioned to solar panel installers, which bid for the contract. The installers are interested in reducing their prices to get a solar rooftop installation project. The matter is that a group order includes several projects for customers in one borough that is why any damping is gainless in this case.

As the result of the program’s third phase implementation, London homeowners are expected to save up to 15% on electricity. Moreover, they will be receiving payments for excess power exported to the grid. New interests can be registered online in September. Auction for solar panel installers will be held in October. All projects are expected to be completed from November till June.

Plans of London by 2050
According to the Solar Together London plan, the English capital is to become a carbon-neutral city by 2050. To achieve this goal, 2 MW of new solar rooftop capacity should be installed in London annually. Starting from the third phase, the program also provides the same funding scheme for purchase of electricity storage systems by the London citizens.


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