Helsinki Airport Will Generate Solar Energy

Finavia, operator of Helsinki Vantaa Airport, opened the second stage of the solar power plant on the roof of its passenger terminal.

Under perfect conditions, the solar panels are expected to generate up to 330 kW of electricity per hour. To recap, the first stage of this solar power plant, installed on the roof of the terminal in summer of 2017, has a capacity of 126 kW.


Both stages provide 5 percent of electricity used by the terminal or satisfy 1 percent of the entire airport’s electricity needs. The company plans to increase the solar power plant’s size to account for 10 percent of the terminal’s power requirements.

In 2020, Finavia plans to increase solar power production at Helsinki Airport to 750 kilowatts per hour by installing solar panels on the façade of the new parking area.

The operator aims at reducing the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the operations of all of its 21 airports to zero by 2020.

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