Helios Strategia: “We Plan to Reach 340 MW of Implemented Solar Projects by End of 2019”

Helios Strategia — a general contractor that provides design, supply and construction services for solar power plants under EPC contracts. The company which started working in France in 2008, has been a player of Ukraine’s renewable energy market since 2011. Today, there are two representative offices of Helios Strategia here – in Kiev and Dnipro. In addition, having entered the markets of Belgium, Poland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Senegal and other countries, the Company successfully implements solar power projects around the world.

Vladyslav Shevchenko, Marketing Director at Helios Strategia, told IB Centre about the Company’s participation in CISOLAR 2019, its achievements and ambitious plans for the current year, and also analyzed the main renewable energy market trends in Ukraine.

Vladyslav Shevchenko, Marketing Director, Helios Strategia

Please tell us about the brands of solar power plants your company works with.

Of course, the brand launched by a PV equipment manufacturer is important, but since Helios Strategia is an end-user of these products, first and foremost, we select a product and then pay attention to its brand. It is important for us that we and our partners share each other’s philosophy; otherwise we could not have efficient business dialogues. And if there is no constructive dialogue, we will not be able to develop the product and brand by adapting it the market’s demands. And all this is aimed at being confident in our product and guarantee our customers the maximum productivity of their solar power plants.

Let us accentuate our key partners with which we have not only supply contracts but also joint exchange of experience and product development programs. Among them are: SMA, a company that has been working since 1976 in solar power industry; LONGi Solar that manufactures monocrystalline modules, which are among the most efficient modules on the market. They control the entire process of creating a PV module, from silicon growing to the assembly of a finished solar panel.

Our partners are best manufacturers of solar modules that crowd the top of Tier 1 – LONGi Solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, JA Solar, SMA, and Fronius, inverter and electrical equipment producers, as well as HIS, a solar power direct-current cable manufacturer.

A ground-mounted solar plant with a total capacity of 2.04 MW in the village of Myrotske, Kyiv region

What is Helios Strategia going to present at CISOLAR-2019?

We consider CISOLAR more as a discussion platform rather than a presentation. The solar energy sector is rapidly developing, and new technologies are being implemented on a monthly basis. The main purpose of our participation is to discuss with our community what happened in the industry last year and what else needs to be done in general to make solar energy more widespread in everyday life. And our key partners, SMA and LONGi Solar, will provide samples: an innovative string inverter, Sunny Highpower Peak3, and Half-Cut Mono Perc and Bifacial Mono Perc PV modules.

How did the Company’s performance indicators in the market on Ukraine change in 2018? How many projects were implemented last year?

As the industry has experienced dynamic growth since end of 2017 and still keeps the dynamics, our company practices a rational approach to signing EPC contacts and the final product. Our portfolio expansion is built on the principle of getting a 100 percent high-quality product as the result of every project.

We implemented 26 projects in Ukraine with a total capacity of 91.7 MW in 2018. Now, in 2019, another 21 projects with a capacity of 112.7 MW are already at the stage of construction. The Company plans to reach 340 MW of implemented solar projects by end of 2019. We have already prepared a number of investment solutions: a number of ready plots of land with complete documentation packages to implement 227.3 MW of the remaining solar power plants within an estimated period of 6-9 months.

340 MW is a total capacity of the Company’s projects ready for implementation. Note: the average insolation is 1330 kW/h per one square meter in Ukraine

From Helios Strategia’s point of view, what are the current trends of Ukraine’s solar energy market?

The past year will be remembered for the significant increase in the number of renewable energy facilities as well as by heated discussions about governmental regulation of the industry, which will determine future trends. The system of government support will be updated: one of key legislative acts on this issue is draft law number 8449-d (on the introduction of auction system), which is still awaiting for its second reading in the Verkhovna Rada. According to the country’s international commitments, Ukraine cannot limit itself to the actual share of RES in its energy complex (according to the NEURC as of January 1, 2019, it made up1,9%); the renewable energy market is not oversaturated at all and it needs a lot of new RES facilities. The government support strategy, including the “green” tariff system, will be adjusted, but state support to the industry just cannot significantly weaken or disappear.

Thus, there are 3 key trend vectors that will determine the RES market:

  • Updating the legislative framework, including the renewal of government support for RES, possible adoption of the system of auctions by the example of developed European countries, as well as the cancellation of VAT on imported equipment for own use.
  • Global drop in prices for equipment (with outdated technology from less-known brands) and its efficiency improvement (a global trend).
  • Availability of land plots ready for solar power plant’s construction that allow to implement an industrial solar power plant project within 6-9 months’ period and secure the current “green” tariffs for power stations that will have been built by end of 2019.

Vladyslav, please tell us about the Company’s plans for 2019.

In 2019, we plan to continue the Company’s untiring development in terms of our strategic vectors, spreading the ideas of “green” energy in Ukraine and around the world. We expect that updating the legislative framework will inevitably affect the Сompany – and we will adapt to the new market trends and demands of the target audience.

What will the Company achieve from its participation in CISOLAR 2019? What does this event mean to Helios Strategia?

CISOLAR 2019 is not only about networking, live communication with the target audience and colleagues from other companies but also the opportunity to constantly keep up with the market events, being on the same page with other players, and to be aware of all advanced technological solutions. Preparation for this event and participation in it is an experience for our entire team, and each of us is growing as a professional during this period. Regular participation in the events arranged by IBCentre allows us realizing open faced brand positioning, and all participants and guests can honestly talk about the pros and cons of the business — and get a hearing.


Helios Strategia representative offices in Ukraine:

22 Rybalska, Kyiv, 01011

Tel.: +38 067 571 48 00

Email: sale@heliosstrategia.com

12, A3, Cheluskina Street, Dnipro, 49000, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 098 183 11 01, +38 056 372 88 47

Email: contact@heliosstrategia.com

Web site: https://heliosstrategia.com/

The 8th International Conference and Trade Show of Solar Energy of CEE, CISOLAR 2019, the main business event of the solar energy industry will be dedicated to the latest technologies, trends and investment opportunities and will be held in Kyiv on April 16-18, 2019.

Take part in CISOLAR and join the world-famous experts, international solar energy market players, providers of advanced technology solutions – those who today write history of the energy industry. CISOLAR 2019 trade show will take place in Kyiv on April, 17-18.

The event is arranged by Innovation Business Centre (IB Centre Europe).

To register for CISOLAR 2019, go to https://ua.cis-solar.com/

You can call or write an email to our Organizational Committee:

Tel.:  +38 044 383 03 56

Email: cisolar@ibcentre.org

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