Global Trend: Electric Vehicle Manufacturers’ Collaborations

To develop electric cars, most automotive manufacturers – including the industry’s behemoths – arrange unprecedented scale of collaboration globally. This trend was noticed by energy analysts in the United Kingdom. The purpose of such partnerships is to share the costs and risks at the phase of electric vehicles’ development.

The trend is likely to lead to upsurge in supply in the early 2020s. This conclusion was made by Cornwall Insight’s analysts in their report Charged Up: Future Fleet. Since December 2018, 13 major car manufacturers have started such cooperations, and some of them even arranged joint ventures to develop the next generation of cars – with electric engines. This is how this global trend appeared.

The traditional practice of completion on the market, while keeping inventions confidential, has become a thing of the past due to its unprofitableness. Companies have realized that there is no time for ramp-up as they need to quickly reorganize the manufacturing process in accordance with customer and legal requirements. The market needs an affordable electric car, and it is uniting research and development costs that can accelerate the creating of a new inexpensive electric vehicle.

The analysts predict that automotive manufacturers will be able to start mass production of such electric vehicles by the beginning of the 2020s. At the same time, despite joining of their efforts, the groups compete with each other as each of them is trying to become the first to enter the market.

However, manufacturers of solar equipment are not lagging behind. For example, for autonomous solar charging, some of the manufacturers EV charger plus PV inverter as a single combined device for quick charging of vehicles at the time of the solar modules’highest performance. This will help avoid energy loss during its conversion.


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