Fronius will introduce the latest solar inverters at SEF 2018 KYIV

Fronius will introduce the latest solar inverters at SEF 2018 KYIV

Fronius International GmbH is an Austrian solar inverter manufacturer, having manufactured above 11.3 GW of solar inverters (>1.300.000) during the last 25years in the solar energy business.

Fronius is a family owned with fast decision making processes and a very stable company (Dun and Bradstreet risk indicator: 1* with minimum insolvency risk) acting in over 60 countries.

Very stable business is guaranteed due to the three Business Units: Perfect Welding, Perfect Charging, Solar Energy.

With it’s local Fronius Ukraine subsidiary presence in Knjashithsi, Fronius is offering unique after sales service.

Additionally, Fronius invested heavily in a local technical advisor who is organizing regular Fronius qualification trainings and webinars in Ukrainian language. We would be pleased to meet you very soon, please find the registration links and upcoming dates here.

Fronius has a very appealing track record in Ukraine during the last years and installs every year 100MW together with its strong local partner network.

In order to guarantee the fastest service concept in the market, Fronius invested also in a local Fronius spare part warehouse, where local Fronius service partners have access to (if needed). Additionally, Fronius solely manages to have a unique PC board exchange process.

Instead of exchanging the whole inverter, you simply exchange a pc board inside the inverter which saves time and money.

“We would be very pleased to meet you in person at the best SEF exhibition and trade fair in Kiev  to talk about your current and upcoming pv projects” – assures the representative of Fronius.

Contact person:

Mr. Benjamin Fischer (Sales Issues):

+43 664 88 635 244;

For technical questions, please contact with our International Technical Support:

+43 7242 241 5670;

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