The First Ground-Mounted Solar Power Plant Will Be Put into Operation in Chernihiv Region

In the village of Malynivka in Chernihiv region, the first stage of the largest ground-mounted solar power plant, consisting of 2200 solar modules with a total capacity of 600 kW, has been completed.

“This is the first such powerful solar power plant in the region. We have installed the panels from the Chinese manufacturer JA Solar, – says Ivan Melnyk, an engineer of Alteco Group, which is constructing the solar power plant. – We are also installing Huawei three-phase inverters. There will be 15 of them.”

Installed on a green wasteland, Malynivska solar power plant with a total capacity of 1.2 MW will occupy about 2 hectares of land. Its first stage will be put into operation in the end of April.


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