How does energy efficient lighting affect infrastructure development?

How does energy efficient lighting affect infrastructure development?

EKTA Company, founded in 1992, is a leading European manufacturer of high-end LED products: screens, displays, variable message signs, street & industrial lighting.

For 25 years EKTA won customers’ recognition worldwide. Today, the company carries out complex projects of reequipment on city lighting and large industrial enterprises, contributing to solving the problems of energy efficiency and power conservation. Flexible design solutions handle the road safety issues and promote the development of transport infrastructure and industrial enterprises of Ukraine.

EKTA LED displays operate smoothly in a wide range of AC phase voltage from 92 to 264 V. The built-in intelligent system of monitoring and the proactive protection that runs diagnostics of all the module’s essential operational characteristics. The transmission of information between the host computer and video display is carried out by EKTA specially developed secure protocol. The data transmission between the modules takes place with a high level of encryption, which eliminates extraneous interference in the work of video system.

With an automated manufacturing plant and a team of highly experienced engineers, EKTA steadily improves its innovative solutions in production and application of LED technologies, rendering steadfast service and support.

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