DTEK reached 1 GW of green energy generation capacity, having invested more than EUR 1 billion in the renewable energy sector of Ukraine

The Company has achieved one of its strategic goals – to create 1 GW of clean generation until 2020.

“Two years ago, DTEK announced its strategic target – to get 1 GW capacity of “green” generation by the end of 2019. By investing more than EUR 1 billion in the renewable energy sector of Ukraine, we created the unique expertise, thanks to which these large-scale innovative projects have been implemented,” said Maxym Tymchenko, CEO at  DTEK. “Today our company sets a higher bar for itself – to reach another 1 GW of capacity by the end of 2022. We are confident that Ukraine can become a leader of decarbonization in Europe, providing itself with own clean energy. And we invite all concerned parties to unite behind this idea”.

Wind farms EUR 452 mln worth

November 15, 2019. Together with the Danish Vestas Company, a world leader of the wind turbines production, DTEK completed the construction of Orlovska wind power plant with a capacity of 100 MW in Zaporizhzhia region, on the Azov coast. The wind park has 26 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.8 MW each, produced by Vestas. Investments in Orlovska wind farm amounted to EUR 131 mln, and services and equipment of Ukrainian contractors make up 40 mln of this amount.

Orlovska wind power plant is expected to generate 370 mln kWh of renewable energy per year. That’s enough to meet the needs of about 190,000 households. The operation of Orlovska farm will allow reducing СО2 emissions by 400,000 tons per year.

On November 1, 2019, DTEK announced the launch of Prymorska wind power plant, one of the largest in the country. 52 wind turbines with a total capacity of 200 MW began to generate clean energy.

Prymorska wind power plant

The farm will generate 700 million kWh of green electricity per year. It will be enough to satisfy the electricity needs of 360,000 apartments or private houses. The station will also help to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 750,000 tons per year.

Prymorska wind power plant operates its equipment with maximum efficiency thanks to the implementation of unique technical solutions. The wind farm has the first in Ukraine digital substation. Produced by GE (General Electric), each wind turbine’s unit capacity is 3.8 MW.

Investments in the project amounted to EUR 321 mln, EUR 180 mln of which – credit financing from German banks against guarantees of the export credit agencies Euler Hermes (Germany) and CESCE (Spain).

Another solar with a capacity of 240 MW

To recap, end of October 2019, DTEK launched Pokrovska Solar Power Station (240 MW), the second-largest solar power plant in Europe. The power plant in Dnipropetrovsk region will provide 200 thousand households with clean energy, help reduce toxic emissions in the atmosphere and contribute to improving the energy independence of Ukraine.

Pokrovska station is expected to generate about 400 mln kWh of green electricity and to reduce СО2 emissions into by 420,000 tons annually, which is comparable to emissions of more than 200,000 cars.

The project if Pokrovska solar power plant was implemented by Ukrainian companies and specialists. 16 enterprises were involved in its construction and received orders for EUR 48 mln. It took 6 months from the site ground breaking until the launch of the facility. In October, the solar power plant started to generate green electricity.

“Pokrovska solar power plant is a mark of quality and a confirmation of the growing expertise of  DTEK. Using the experience with our previous projects, we have gathered a professional team, selected and installed at the power plant the electric equipment made by the world’s best manufacturers, and ensured the successful integration of the solar power plant into the country’s energy system. This is a 100% national project built by the Ukrainians for the Ukrainians,” Maxym Tymchenko, CEO at DTEK, emphasized. “Pokrovska station is the third Company’s project in the solar industry, its investments amounted to EUR 193 mln. DTEK confirmed its status of the largest national investor in clean, renewable energy generation once again”.

About 840,000 solar panels, manufactured by Risen (China), one of the TOP 3 best manufacturers of solar panels according to Bloomberg rating were installed on Pokrovska solar plant. It’s located in Nikopol district of Dnipropetrovsk region on the territory of a former ore mine (437 hectares). These lands which are not suitable for agriculture now they serve Ukraine’s interests again.

Pokrovska solar power plant

About DTEK

DTEK  – the largest private investor in the energy sector of Ukraine.

The Company develops businesses in the field of natural gas and coal extraction, renewable and thermal electricity generation, distribution of electricity by power lines, energy supply to customers, high efficiency solutions implementation, and electric vehicle charging.

In 2018, DTEK capital investments amounted to UAH 20 billion, UAH 27 billion of which are tax payments. 80,000 employees work at DTEK.

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