Billions of PV Sensors Will Be Placed Indoors in the Coming Years

Price reduction in PV cells will allow people to solve many maintenance problems with various sensors that surround us. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predict a boom in the solar energy market in the form of “indoor PV equipment” in 2024.

According to the MIT experts, market for indoor PV cells, such as those used to power watches and calculators, was worth just USD 140 mln in 2017. But now that prices for PV cells are reducing and their efficiency is increasing, billions of RFID tags and Bluetooth beacons that are used indoors, for example, to provide wireless Internet, are expected to enter the market. By estimate, the market for PV cells is predicted to exceed USD 1 billion annually in 2024.

Such PV cells can solve many problems. One of them is that Bluetooth devices rely on battery power and often require replacing batteries. However, such devices are often placed indoors with little access to sunlight, which is three times as more effective than artificial light. But the scientists say that with the latest discoveries, such as organic PV and perovskites that can increase the capacity of PV cells, this problem has almost been solved. And now it is time to start their serial production.

At the same time, the experts note that the development of standards for measuring indoor PV devices’ performance and the development of attractive business models for their serial production are required for the growth of the market for PV cells.

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