AVENSTON Company, the “old-timer” of Ukraine’s solar energy industry: “This year is filled with challenges, interesting projects and fierce competition in tenders”

AVENSTON has been operating in the renewable energy market of Ukraine since 2007. The company provides services of commercial solar power plants’ design and construction, and supplies solar equipment for them. AVENSTON is a member of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, EUEA and Energy Club. At the beginning of 2019, the Company was accredited by Ukrgasbank and added on the list of qualified reliable contractors (EPC contractors), which underwent a special procedure of objective assessment.

The IB Centre web portal asked Yulia Tsukanova, Business Development & Marketing Manager at AVENSTON, several questions.

Yulia, what is the most important thing for potential customers to know about AVENSTON?

Expertise. Rationality. Efficiency. Outcome. AVENSTON is a Western-style Ukrainian company. We are the real “old-timers” of the solar energy market, as under different brands, we have been professionally working with solar since 2007. This long-standing experience, use of foreign practices in innovative technologies launch and our focus on EPC services allow us to offer the most competent and effective technical solutions within the budget of each individual project – this allows optimizing its implementation costs and getting the best results for the Customer. Building on the Customer’s problem, AVENSTON always gives its customer more than just a list of services and equipment in our contract specifications.

What is the structure of the Company’s project portfolio as of mid-2019 (% of solar energy projects, geothermal projects, etc.)?

This year, 100% of solar!

What were the main achievements of AVENSTON in the first half of 2019? Please tell us about the Company’s plans by the end of 2019.

The total capacity of AVENSTON’s project portfolio has reached 64 MW this year. Part of them was successfully completed, and the other part is still under construction. Our cooperation with one of the most well-known and powerful developers in the RES market of Ukraine was successful and enjoyable. In addition, we are working hard at maximizing yield and efficiency. Our plans are quite ambitious: we are actively developing the O&M direction, intend to implement a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and working on the Company’s strategy for entering the international market. We understand that there is still a long way to go, but we are carefully preparing for it. This year is filled with challenges, exciting projects and fierce competition in tenders. But we can say that the main motto and goal of our market players in 2019 is: “We will manage to make it ALL!” 🙂

What are the trends and disadvantages inherent with the renewable energy market of Ukraine?

The true disadvantages are created by the unfavorable environment in which the industry is developing now: political turbulence, military threats, economical instability, corruption, low level of investment protection, problems of green projects’ crediting, grid oil-fashioned, imperfection of mechanisms of the new electricity market’s model, which seems to catch at a weak moment its participants and make a true ‘stress machen’ to them.

Despite all these problems and chaos, Ukraine not only cannot escape the influence of global trends in the world’s development of RES but also is becoming one of its prominent players. Decarbonisation of the global energy sector, rise of electrification, serious global warming problems – the inescapable process of alternative energy development already under way. RES technologies are becoming cheaper and more affordable, which means lower CAPEX / OPEX and more investment. Under the pressure of investors and the Western institutions, the government officials are passing useful and stimulating laws, and market players are adapting to the specific conditions of Ukrainian business reality. I doubt that by 2020 we will reach the target of 11% in accordance with the National Renewable Energy Action Plan, but if we keep the rate of RES growth of 2019, this will be a #victory.

Recently, AVENSTON has become a member of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine. What is your Company’s vision of Ukraine’s renewable energy development in the next 5-10 years?

Ukraine’s sustainable energy market is a chaos itself. What a pity that there is no such inverter that could convert the industry’s energy into AC power to be transmitted to the grid. We are facing many challenges, and the most interesting is yet to come. In the next 5-10 years, we will see the establishment and development of the auction system, introduction of the system of compensation for imbalances, further promotion of energy efficient measures, development of the facilities of small energy generation and energy decentralization under the conditions of rise of electrification. Demand for electricity storage facilities – storage systems – will increase. We will also see an increase in investment in bioenergy projects and in badly-needed grid upgrades. Well, I’ve made quite a favorable forecast 🙂 I believe that work of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine directed by Oleksii Orzhel will amuse us.

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the renewable energy sector’s automation with the help of machine intelligence?

Digitization is inevitable, and the main disadvantage of the sustainable energy market – dependence of energy generation on changing weather conditions – exists on its own. Although, it is rather a peculiar feature, inherent with the nature of such energy, than its disadvantage. In turn, development of machine intelligence in the age of digitization should help solve the sustainable energy market’s problems, as it is able to offer rather many opportunities. I can single out the following areas where AI (artificial intelligence) would become critical: energy forecasting and building of models – production and demand; interruption management; analysis, optimization and electricity use management of – energy efficiency.

What is AVENSTON going to present at the SEF 2019 trade show?

Let’s stay in suspense. I can only say that we may present a new creative networking format, as the highest quality of communication combined with professionalism helps to stand up to the competitors today.

What does taking part in the SEF2019 event mean to the Company?

First, AVENSTON has been the main engineering partner of SEF not for the first time. Second, SEF for us is active networking and business development platform as well as an effective marketing tool for further strategic development of our brand. SEF unites the flower of the sustainable energy market in Ukraine and other countries. This is an important image-building event in our industry that has already gained the trust of both its participants and visitors.


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