Australian Desert Will Generate Electricity for Singapore

This ambitious plan provides the construction of:

  • A large solar power plant with a capacity of 10 GW;
  • A storage system with a capacity of 20-30 GW-hour;
  • A power line to export solar energy to Singapore via subsea cable.

The Australian government supports the project of the world’s largest solar farm. It will be located in the Northern Territory near Tennant Creek. The estimated project’s cost is USD 20 billion. High voltage direct current will be transported via 3,800-km power line with transmission capacity 2.5 GW to cover 20% of Singapore’s power demand.

According to the Australian government, the future power line has the potential to create 1000 jobs during its construction and 300 operational jobs. 5B solar panels are expected to be supplied by a local manufacturer from Sydney. Technical design specification will be the next step. The Singapore-based developer is required to prepare the statements on the project’s environmental impact and the economic benefits it will bring to local communities.

Construction of the subsea power line is to begin in 2023 with first revenues from electricity exports is expected in 2027. Analysts claim that the solar potential of the North Territory is endless and the area offers great business opportunities.


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