In 2019, Atmosfera Will Supply 40 MW of PV Modules to the Ukrainian Residential Sector

Atmosfera is a distributor of the world’s leading vendors in the field of solar energy. Its product portfolio includes solar power plants’ components and heat producing systems for different sectors, from Residential to Enterprise.

Among the brands of equipment for solar power plants, offered by Atmosfera, are: Fronius, ABB, Victron Energy, Tigo, JA Solar, Hanwha, Huawei, Kostal, IMEON, ABi-Solar, PrimeVOLT, C&T Solar.

Main Company’s consumers are Atmosfera’s own national retail network of installer dealers – the largest in Ukraine – and wholesale customers (for industrial facilities). As a separate area of activity, the Company is developing its own EPC business.

The company cooperates closely with the country’s leading universities and holds practical training seminars on a monthly basis for its employees and clients, as well as specialists working on the market of renewable energy equipment.

Though the Company’s official “date of birth” is 2004, when ATMOSFERA trademark was registered, in fact, its history dates back to 2003. During its first years of work, the Company’s team had been developing its own solar energy collector with vacuum tubes ATMOSFERA CBK-A. In 2009, it was presented at a profile exhibition.

In the following years, new representative offices in Belarus, Russia and Moldova joined the dealer network of Atmosphera, expanding the range of equipment supplied by the Company; Atmosfera’s team held regular seminars for specialists.

In 2015, Atmosfera officially started selling ABB inverters through its Ukrainian dealership network, and added new flat collectors to its product range. The Company actively installed solar power stations for private households under the “green” tariff . A great number of plants with the total capacity of above 1 MW were installed in 2015.

In summer 2016, Atmosfera officially announced the launch of industrial solar power plants on the market of Ukraine. The Company builds the industrial plants with capacity from 0.5 MW and more with full legal implementation, connecting them to the “green” tariff.

The Company added to its product portfolio a new model of CBK-Nano-Plus solar collector, Atmosfera ES2 two-line pump groups, Logatherm heat pumps, and unique Panasonic photo modules based on the technology of hybrid HIT™ cells.

At CISOLAR 2017 conference, Atmosfera was awarded in the Best Solar Thermal Energy Plant nomination for the project of Khmelnitskyteplocomunenergo. The CBK-A series collector, developed by Atmosfera, which took place of the one launched in 2014, received the Solar Keymark certificate number SP SC1073-17. Testing proved that the CBK-A collector is much more efficient than its competitors of the same class.

In September 2018, Atmosfera started selling AB-60MHC-P series of ABiSolar solar modules, based on two brand-new technologies, Half-Cell and PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cells), through its dealership network. Their efficiency reached 19%, which is 3% higher than the standard modules’ efficiency.

This year, Atmosfera has become an official distributor of Hanwha Q CELLS, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PV solar panels on the Top 10 of Bloomberg Tier 1, and has started shipping Q.ANTUM PV modules to Ukraine.

In 2019, Atmosfera plans to significantly increase its supply of PERC modules to Ukraine, bringing their share to at least 50% in the total Company’s imports for the market sector of private stations.

“We are closely watching the technological trends in the global market of PV solar modules. And one can say with certainty that the PERC and Half-Cell technologies will become a new standard starting from 2019, gradually replacing traditional poly- and monocrystalline modules,” said Atmosfera Director, Oleksiy Badika.

In 2019, the Company plans to import 20 MW of PERC PV modules for the market of private households in Ukraine. The total supply of PV modules to the Ukrainian residential sector is expected to reach 40MW.


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