Argentina Strengthens Widespread Use of Solar Water Heaters

Households of the city of Rosario have reduced their energy costs for hot water by 80%

According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Argentina’s third largest city, Rosario, with a population approaching 1 million, is encouraging widespread use of solar water heaters as a way to help meet its energy needs sustainably.

The city of Rosario, Argentina

On average, the city’s households have reduced their energy costs for hot water by 80 per cent compared to the cost of conventional water heaters. Following this successful local implementation, the market for solar water heaters is expanding across Argentina.

Cities already account for nearly two-thirds of global energy use. Therefore, “green” solutions for cities help countries and regions to strengthen energy their security and fulfill climate commitments, as well as provide social benefits for urban residents.

Source: IRENA

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