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IB Centre (Innovative Business Centre) is an American corporation that introduces innovations in sales markets.

IB Centre Inc. is a leader in business events organization and creating markets for innovation.

We organized international Conferences, Forums, Trade Shows, Trainings, Workshops on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, new energy technologies and other areas of Europe and Europe.

We have implemented more than 65 major industrial events from Brussels to Almaty for 10 years.

Among organized events there are EuroSEF Brussels, SEF Kiev, CISOLAR, CISWIND, ECOSMART WATER TECH, UBF, Green Awards in Eastern Europe.


Our projects:

CISOLAR — ru.cis-solar.com
SEF — ru.sefkyiv.com
Solar Academy — facebook.com/academysolar
Школа дизайн-мышления — facebook.com/designthinkersguru